a cat sitting on top of a white wall © Garret Jackman Ever since his mom Ceejae Jackman first brought him home, Zipper has always had an abundance of energy. He’s a typical kitten, always curious and trying to get into things he isn’t supposed to, and his mom struggles to keep up with his antics. 

“He is very rambunctious and energetic,” Garret Jackman, Ceejae’s son, told The Dodo. “His name suits him well.”  a cat sitting on top of a green and white box on a table © Garret Jackman A few months ago, Zipper figured out that he could easily tear the wallpaper off the walls in one of the bedrooms, so of course, he went to town. Eventually his mom decided to remove the wallpaper altogether so he wouldn’t keep doing it — and that’s when she realized that Zipper had uncovered something incredible. 

“As she was removing it she was like, ‘Aww man, it’s brown paint,’” Jackman said. “But as she removed more, she began to see a tree. Once she had the tree partially uncovered she sent me a picture and I was like, ‘Mom, this room has a mural.’”  a close up of a door © Garret Jackman As soon as the pair realized there was a mural hidden under the wallpaper, they quickly set to work uncovering the entire thing, eager to see exactly what Zipper had accidentally found. Of course, as they worked, Zipper supervised the entire time. It was his discovery, after all!

“Zipper was laying in the room and waiting for us to drop sheets of wallpaper so he could attack them and playing with our feet while we tried to work,” Jackman said. “Just being an adorable nuisance.”  a cat sitting on a white surface © Garret Jackman Finally, the pair got all the wallpaper off and the full mural was revealed …  a close up of a book © Garret Jackman … and they couldn’t believe just how beautiful it was.  a close up of a cabbage © Garret Jackman The mural is there to stay now, and the pair wondered if they could somehow track down the artist responsible so they could thank him — and after posting about the mural on Facebook, Jody Bayles came forward to claim responsibility for the beautiful piece of art. 

“He said that he painted it for his friend's first child over the course of a year, adding things here and there,” Jackman said. 

If Zipper hadn’t been so intent on destroying the wallpaper, his family may never have uncovered the incredible mural underneath — so it seems that this time, his rambunctious ways actually saved the day. 

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